The uninspired release of Apple’s recent laptops now shows that Cupertino will be coming with 15-inch Macbook Pro with 32GB of desktop class RAM and a 12-inch Macbook with 16 GB RAM. Ming-Chi Kuo the analyst for KGI securities holds this information. Apple`s Asian supply chain companies regularly gets reliable scoops from contacts. If this is true then Apple is heeding the call of a heavy video and photo users who dislike the 16 GB hard cap that Apple placed on its latest MacBook Pro with Touch Bar devices.

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When it is Expected, New MacBook Pro & MacBook

Kaby Lake Processors are another major upgrade aside from RAM. The one who were released last fall by the company to run on Intel Skylake processors as it unveils its Seventh Generation Kaby Lake Processors at recently happened trade show called CES 2017. 12-inch MacBook, as claimed by Kuo is said to be the first one to carry new intel chipset, in the second quarter of 2017 mass production of this device will happen. Furthermore, both the 15-inch and 13-inch models of the MacBook Pro will begin to produce in the third quarter with the Kaby Lake as well.

Kaby Lake Processors Advantages

While Kaby Lake is made utilizing an indistinguishable 14nm process from Skylake, it performs at higher clock speeds than its ancestor. It will likewise be more effective with regards to 4K video taking care of and elite gaming. On the off chance that you’re registering needs incorporate perusing the web and viewing infrequent Netflix and YouTube recordings, then you presumably wouldn’t have to move up to the new MacBook models outfitted with the Kaby Lake processors. Be that as it may, in the event that you do a great deal of video work in your calling, or on the off chance that you are a computer games devotee, then Apple’s execution of the Kaby Lake processors ought to be something to anticipate this fall, as these chips are intended for video.

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Intel Kaby Lake PC 1 Powered up with Kaby Lake Processors, MacBook Pro & MacBook 2017; with Perks and Benefitsvia:

HEVC 10-bit capability is in the new chip, which allows one to playback 4K ultra HD videos without having any of the difficulty. Also having VP9 decode capability so one can easily watch 4K videos while performing other work from similar computer. Keeping aside faster Kaby Lake increased memory and processors. The overall design and feature of the Apple notebooks should be similar to those that were released in the year of 2016. As stated by Kuo.