When it comes to gaming, consoles also have custom controllers from companies like Razer and Microsoft itself for the Xbox. Though the options are there but they don’t come cheap, and for an average gamer. Spilling a lot of money is not an option.

Where these controllers shine are in FPS games and a person with a controller designed for it will have an advantage over another. Gamers have two option either stick to their stock Xbox controller or go for the elite controller that comes with a high price tag. What about the in between? Well a company named PowerA has grabbed the opportunity and launched their PowerA Fusion Pro Controller that performs well and doesn’t break the bank.

PowerA Fusion Pro Controller costs around $55 right now. When it comes to the looks PowerA Fusion Pro Controller is a well-designed controller that also looks good. The buttons on the controller are smaller compared to what you would get on a high end controller. While the shoulder buttons are longer giving more travel distance to its users. Don’t get us wrong the controller is way comfier to use compared to the stock Xbox One controller. What’s special about the controller is its analogue sticks which are noticeably larger in size and also has a good grip to it for precision and control.

Just like any other gaming controller, PowerA Fusion Pro Controller also sports two trigger locks as well as four other programmable buttons. The only downside to the PowerA Fusion Pro Controller is its wired connectivity. Now some people might hate it and some might like it. It’s a personal thing but with a wired controller users would never go out of juice which means a lot during an important tournament or match.

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Users also get a headphone and microphone combo jack on the PowerA Fusion Pro Controller, which is a nice addition to see. As even the high end controllers have skipped on something as important as this. In the end the PowerA Fusion Pro Controller does what its suppose to do with a price that does not break the bank.

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