The market of virtual reality and augmented reality is to grow worth $9 billion by 2020. According to new report average spending of Consumer on VR hardware and software could reach $9 billion by the year 2020.

According to source smartphone enabled VR headset’s market is to see an amazing rise in sales because in 2017 alone around 14 million headsets have been sold and in next coming years generate revenue 800% as compare to this year.

oculus touch 2 Potential use of VR and AR technology will become the reality till 2020
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VR virtual motion tracking is awesome that make you around virtual space as you are actually there. Google’s Cardboard devices and Samsung’s Gear are pioneers in this market.Enormous names in VR have propelled or are near propelling their VR stages. Regardless of whether it’s here for good as a built up and broadly acknowledged item classification stays to be seen.

Most of the consumers are less aware of uses of this technology so that sale of VR headset is quite tough. PlayStation VR used for PS4 games console and high-end PC is not easily accessible for each consumer. So we can say that they are doing well but there is need to be work in order to all aspects to meet the expectations.

Although initially sale process will be slow but estimation is near about profit of $1.5 billion in 2017 and will raise up to $9 billion at end of 2021.

Bridge Mixed Reality VR Headset 1 Potential use of VR and AR technology will become the reality till 2020
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Wood said: “The technology continues to improve dramatically and 2017 will see the emergence of un-tethered solutions that will be more immersive than ever”

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since changes to the timings of the launch for the AR, top AR forecasts experienced huge impacts. Applications of VR are

  • Media consumption
  • social VR
  • tourism
  • sports and fitness
  • secondary to gaming