Pokemon Go’s is a nice game and people find a biggest problem of battery drain.in the world where people are really do care about battery drain, So according to it, it consume much battery charge while playing.

According to the latest updates reported to us Pokemon Go has new lease of life and a new influx of players feeling excited to the game to collection of likes of Hoothoot, Swinhub and Murkrow as the second-generation characters are now available to catsup up and play.

Best Battery Saving Tips while playing Pokemon Go Pokemon Go: How To Save A Battery While Playing
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So keeping that battery drain in mind and avoid it, Here we are provide you with full information about battery drain when playing Pokemon Go.

First Find Pokemon Go Battery Saver

The battery saver feature allocated in the menu setting. Access to that menu, click the Poke Ball on the main screen, and then “settings” in the top right corner.

The Battery saver option is a simple tick box, click it and turn it on.

In reality it does too much. The Pokemon Go battery saver is only solve out one of the big drains on the battery when you’re just walking in the game. You can reduce battery drain by dimming its screen.

It does not turn the display off but just dim the light may be you won’t play it at day light but at night you can play a game in the dim light.

When your phone is upside down then battery saver function only works. The main idea is when you carry your phone up side down when you walking, saving battery because then the screen is not at full brightness. Its easy fast and dedicated function you can use for the battery drain.

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You can also put your phone up side down in your pocket to save battery drain,that is something which is really works, if you’re just trying to clock up miles to hatch eggs.

Pokémon G 002 Pokemon Go: How To Save A Battery While Playing
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If you need your battery drain save you can use other function of your device for it. Even with Pokemon Go’s battery saver feature engaged, it track your location and vibrate constantly to alert you.

For this problem go the power saving setting from your and set. This will low the brightness of the display when it’s on, as well as it will reduce the power of your hardware  like processor.

That might looks like your phone is working slow but the game will run as like as it should run.

For Android phones, go to your battery and click the power setting and look for power saver or battery saver.

On iPhone, click settings > battery and turn it on low-power mode from your iPhone.

You can buy external battery to avoid battery drain. Or a phone with a bigger battery.

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