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PlayStation 5 Review: A Powerful Game Console

PS5 Review

The PS5 is an excellent console that provides a pleasing next-gen gaming experience, and it’ll probably only get better as additional titles are included in the lineup. Indeed, the PS5 turned out to be powerful, effective, and well-designed. However, it might be too massive for specific setups. But few problems prevent it from being a five-star product at release, but it’s a good upgrade over the PS4 and an exciting portal to next-gen gameplay.

PS5 Design 

Image Source: Tom’s Guide

From the official release of the console, it was obvious that the PS5 is a massive console. The size of the PS5 disc edition (width x height x depth) is 390mm x 104mm x 260mm respectively. The PS5 is deeper and taller than the Xbox Series X.

It has an off-white or egg white color. It has a sandwich-like design with white plates on the exterior, a matte finish, while the middle of the console houses a smooth black finish that may easily change into a fingerprint magnet. The PS5 is quite weighty, weighing at about 4.5kgs. 

Placed at the front of the PS5 is a Type-C USB port used for connecting and charging your controllers. It contains a Type-A USB port, the power button, and an eject button (available on disc versions). While at the back of the PS5, there is an ethernet port, a spot for the power cord, two Type-A USB ports, and an HDMI port. The console works solely off an internal power supply.

Also, there is an internal slot for a second SSD of the M.2 diversity, but the storage expansion isn’t supported at release. But getting to the internal slot is somewhat easy. 

The initial setup was effortless. You only need the included power cable and an HDMI cord. If you have an ethernet cable to the plugin, you can do that while setting up. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi alternately. Sony modified the power delivery and cooling systems by including a liquid metal-based thermal interface material and a custom heatsink to help fix overheating issues.

PS5 Features 

Image Source: CNet

The innovation of PS5 is based on Sony’s past consoles. Therefore, it may take a few minutes before getting used to some of the new controls. For instance, the pressing and holding of the PlayStation button on the controller don’t make the quick menu pop up. And instead, it pops up a new Control Center. 

It works the same way as the quick menu does and allows you to see several sub-menus like your Friends list, notifications, downloads in progress, and if your Spotify account is linked. 

One of the attractive new features is the PS5’s Cards, with the most significant being Activity Cards. Cards have several functions that will enable you to track your trophy progress, move into certain aspects of a game such as the multiplayer or challenge mode, view your game level, or probably see news from a developer. Besides, you can see a live stream of your friend’s gameplay by using a picture-in-picture mode. 

Cards are available as you go further into a game’s finely displayed information on the home screen. The card will be available as a glimpse if you can press the D-pad down or flick down on the analog stick. You are avoiding the need to check a game’s main menu or specific mode to discover what’s happening. They are beneficial for gamers with lesser ability since they can have in-game hint videos in supported titles that help overcome particular challenges or find the last collectible. 

The interface’s exterior has the return of groups and other social-based features from its predecessor PS4 and easy video sharing. You can jump directly into the game your friends are playing from the menu or invite them to bigger groups. The PS5 video sharing works the same as the PS4. However, the ability to see a preview in Cards is fantastic.

Concerning social features, if you’re irritated about typing out messages with the D-pad or analog stick, the PS5 helps by supporting voice dictation for messaging due to the DualSense controller’s built-in mic. As your mileage may differ regarding the exactness of the dictation (and with all voice recognition software), it could be beneficial when you want to send a quick message to a friend. 

Image Source: CNet

You can select the system-wide settings for specific aspects on PS5 like, your preferred difficulty level or if you invert the x or y-axis on your controller during games. You can also select which graphical mode you want your games to automatically select: either performance or resolution. Learning the PlayStation 5 UI is relatively easy. It’s a bit similar to the PS4 UI, but it’s a little more organized and cleaner. 

PlayStation possesses two services you can subscribe to PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. The two subscription services have an identical pricing model. For instance, you can pay $9.99 monthly, $24.99 for three months, or $59.99 yearly. You will pay $119.98 to purchase an annual subscription for the two services. However, it may look expensive, but it’s worth the services you’d be getting.

PS Now subscription isn’t essential, but it’s an incredible service to have, particularly if you didn’t enjoy much on PS4 classics. PS Now is basically like a Netflix service for games: download select titles to your PlayStation 5 or stream them from a PC. Although a few of the PS Now games possess ongoing access, the rest have expiration dates.

PS Plus is needed to play online multiplayer games. And the subscribers receive free games monthly to download and keep if they remain subscribed. 

PS5 Performance 

Image Source: Trusted Reviews

It has an effective 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops of graphics power, and a fantastic swift custom SSD. The PS5 guarantees the best performance to be revealed in a game console. Amazingly, games appear incredible running on Sony’s new console. Spider-Man: Miles Morales appeared more similar to a high-end PC game than a PlayStation title. 

Due to the custom SSD, games kept on it have an excellent short load time. For instance, Miles Morales moves from an in-game menu screen to open-world action in a few seconds. It initially fades to black and quickly changes to the actual game. 

Another incredible feature is the console’s ray tracing abilities.  It correctly realizes light in scenes and presents reflections, lens flare, and the rest of graphical wizardry that was formerly only available to PC gamers.

Obviously, in the first wave of games, there will be compromises in the picture performance. The PS5 typically possesses 2160p and 60fps and is fed to a compatible 4K HDR TV. For instance, Miles Morales provides two graphics modes. One has ray tracing, improved lighting, extra visual effects, and 4K resolution, but only at 30fps. While the other can reach 4K but actively adjusts the resolution depending on the scene. It also reduces the ray-tracing to reach an unshaken 60fps.

Image Source: CNet

Truthfully, the fidelity mode is liberal, particularly on an open-world game such as this. It just has a strong influence. Perhaps first-person shooters and driving games will gain an advantage from more excellent frame rates.

The PS5 is also capable of 120fps, but it’ll reportedly be available on games such as Dirt 5. But the PS5 version of the game is not yet available, so no comment. Indeed, it will run at 1080p if you wish to expand the frame rate to those extremes. The internal hardware will make a massive difference on PS4 games that have been purposely modified, as Days Gone. It works at full 4K and at 60fps on the PS5 and looks beautiful.

Regarding 8K? With compatibility added on the box, it’ll take years before we have 8K games. But we might see some 8K video content very soon, but that’s still controversial. Indeed, with HDMI 2.1, the console is 8K-ready, but that can’t be tested for a while.

PS5 Controller 

Image Source: Bloomberg

The DualSense controller is bold but small, with the retro-futurism of a Space: 1999 prop combined with a killer-robot Ghost in the Shell vibe. The PS5 controller has evolved both in design and functionality more than the PS4 version.

The exciting new improvements are the built-in mic, powerful haptic effects, and adaptive triggers that provide variable resistance like you’re being told to squeeze and break a glass object.

The preloaded Astro’s Playhouse game is an innovative platformer and also a fantastic demo kit for an incredible way on how a controller can significantly influence a game. It vibrates, shakes, rumbles, kicks, and releases a personal sound effect. The built-in mic enables you to blow into the controller to execute tasks. 

Image Source: Electro Deal Pro

The larger central touchpad of the PS5 is more unique than the one on the PS4 DualShock controller, and it might provide you with additional ways that will be useful on games and apps. The controller has a power connection (USB-C plug) at the back. It possesses a 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, some things don’t seem quite right. The option and share buttons are small, and the option button that should usually offer contextual choices regardless of where you are usually does nothing. The PlayStation button placed at the controller’s base is not a circle, compared to the one in the PS4 version. Instead, it’s a cut-out PlayStation logo, and it’s more difficult to hit by feel. By default, it raises a lower menu bar of options rather than returning you to the home screen. 

It is a massive difference from the PS4 behavior. And the Home button is placed above a small button that switches the built-in microphone on and off, and unfortunately, it is easy to hit it while aiming for the Home button mistakenly. 


Image Source: Tech Crunch

If you have never had a PlayStation console, then getting the PS5 is worth the purchase. Alongside the PS Now and PS Plus subscriptions, you will have a massive backlog of games to play. And if you already own a PS4 or another gaming PC, still, you might have to wait particularly,  if you do not desire to play Astro’s Playroom or Demon’s Souls.

One of the significant reasons to buy a PS5 is for the two exclusive games (Demon’s Souls and Astro’s Playroom) that are available on it. The games are fantastic, but it’s not worth purchasing the console for, except if you like other titles. Although few other exclusives will be available in 2021 but depending on the game, it could be available on PS4.

Another great reason to upgrade to the PS5 is to enjoy improved graphics and quicker loading times with the SSD. With the DualSense controller, the adaptive triggers added an excellent element to the gameplay experience. Alongside the controller’s haptic feedback and comfortability and satisfaction, you can easily play games for hours without stress.

However, regardless of which games you want to download, the limited storage on the SSD may get filled up quickly. And Sony hasn’t provided any available expandable internal storage solution, and this isn’t very pleasant. The console size is also not favorable, but it’s quite understandable because Sony used the increased size to fix the airflow problems that the PS4 had.

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