The new update of PS4 and PS4 Pro software 4.50 version (codename, Sasuke) has announced by Sony which presents various new elements. Lately, Sony started revealing the new version of software update for Sony’s Beta program, and it arrives with a hard drive support and custom backdrops which is getting a great deal of heat from the users, however the new “Boost Mode” for the PS4 haven’t get as much attention as the Hard Drive support.

The PS4 Pro will improve the games quality without the requirement for an official fix from the designers. Basically flip on the Boost mode, and it’ll have the capacity to use some extra power in the PS4 Pro, in the light of several leaks (Pictures and videos) from the most recent beta.

Despite the fact that it was conceivable to extend the PS4’s hard drive, the 4.50 version will permit gamers to just get more room for games if it is connected to an external hard drive through the USB 3.0 ports of the device.

big acer xr382cqk left angle 3.jpg 3 PlayStation 4.50 Update is available to users on Sonys Beta program; Getting Hard Drive support and will be available soon
Sony’s PlayStation latest version 4.50 will allow users to extend the storage on the PS4. Image Source: Sony

Moreover, Sony freely declared various modifications slated for the following redesign. And above all, you can use up to 8TB of hard disk for gaming.

Just connect it to, delete all the files from your hard disk, and you’ll have the capacity to save numerous games together.

Additionally, the main menu is getting enhanced also. You can customize your background pictures for the interface in the new version. Therefore, the the default themes a.k.a the “Boring” you’ll never again be bothered which are on the PlayStation store.

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