As reported earlier, Star Citizen tried to beat PUBG in the race of being the best-seller, PUBG has still managed to top the list without any chances left for others. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has set a benchmark for both the gamers and game producing companies that isn’t simple enough to be challenged.

3206260 pubg+3 PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds topping the best selling game charts everywhere!

Bluehole Plays Big

Speaking of the figures, Bluehole has raised over $500 million in sales for the company. Also, an exclusive deal with Microsoft for PUBG on the Xbox One has emerged on the scene. Still, for PC, the game needs to work more or to put in simple words, needs to take some more time as the game has sold over 27.8 million copies according to SteamSpy’s latest data, with a margin of error of roughly 160,000 units. If the game keeps on growing at this rate for PCs, you’ll soon see PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds topping the best-selling PC games charts too!

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