Google Pixel is best smartphone but it is not water proof.Google stores has solved the troubles it gives you the LifeProof casing through FRE series of casings.

Some customer or the consumer may complain about the weight of casing yes it is little heavy but no need to worry you can enter safely to water tank.It will save you from all possible damage.The only disadvantage of FRE series casing is that these are very costly $90.This may be a discouraging factor.

yy 2 Pixel, Pixel XL LifeProof FRE Waterproof Cases buy from Google stores

Rating of Google Pixel Waterproof casing:

Google’s rating is measured in IP rating which stands for ingress protection ,Google scored IP53. That is not very bad but it is just satisfactory.In rating each number is interpreted differently 5 stands for protection against solid like dirt and dust while 3 stands for protection against liquid. 3 mean when liquid or water is sprayed from 60 degree it protection is low.While over all water protection is not satisfactory.

FRE Waterproof Case:

FRE Pixel rate is higher than Google pixel.It has scored IP68. It mean that it shock absorption very good as well as their 1,5 meter deep water is harmless to this casing.The device can face this environment for even thirty minutes.rating 6 shows that it gives good resistance to dust and dirt.

oo Pixel, Pixel XL LifeProof FRE Waterproof Cases buy from Google stores

Overall LifeProof is for iPhone cases, FRE is Pixels again snow and FRE  WaterProof is for 2 meter deep water protection for thirty minutes.


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