Several controversies are being faced by Samsung`s device Galaxy Note 7 even when the company is cautious with its deals. It looks like a new hurdle been put up against the company. Now it’s the turn of Galaxy flagship S7 edge smartphone from Samsung which is generating a commotion online as members are reporting that a pink line is being forming a vertical handset display as it disrupts the display of the phone, users have expressed their dissatisfaction relating to this defect.
Well this is not the first time as an issue being stated. On the display, data on the pink line of the smartphone in summer 2016 where the user has shared his concerns.

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Complaints being aroused by the Consumer

Client discussions on AT&T, Verizon, Telstra in Australia, O2 in the UK, Vodafone in both Germany and the Netherlands nearby a few other transporter sites have been overwhelmed with questions in regards to the issue. Indeed, even Samsung’s authentic site has an immense string in regards to the pink line issue.

Reddit clients are additionally communicating their worry and irritation on the issue.

“So I’ve been seeing a pink line going down the correct side of my telephone now and again. In the wake of googling it, appears as though it’s an equipment issue? I haven’t dropped the telephone, so there’s no harm to the screen or anyplace else,” regretted a Galaxy S7 edge client on Reddit. Huge numbers of the clients likewise thought about if this issue goes under the guarantee of the phone.

As nobody is certain in the event that it is programming or an equipment related. “I’ve had the S7 edge since the principal week it turned out, and all of sudden I’ve had a pink line on the correct side of the screen. Is this an issue that includes guarantee, or would it be able to be a product issue,” pondered a client.

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What is there to Fix it!

To each issue, there falsehoods a specific arrangement. Nonetheless, this time it may not be easy to determine the issue as industry sources trust that the pink screen is likely on account of an equipment imperfection and is not a product related issue.

Where there are few combinations and permutations to make the device function properly, one can destine to the “Reset” option on the display which have been tried to address the defect by users