When it comes to getting a cheap phone with performance from Samsung. The company’s Galaxy J series is the way to go. Where according to the latest rumors Samsung is going to add two new models in their Galaxy J series. Which will include the Galaxy J5 2017 model and a phablet sized Galaxy J7 2017 model.

galaxy j7 h Picture Of The Upcoming Galaxy J 2017 Models Leaked On The Internet

There is no official news from Samsung regarding these two new upcoming Galaxy J smartphones. But that does not mean that the internet is not filled with surprises. As according to the latest leaked pictures, we got to know about the two new Galaxy J 2017 smartphones from Samsung. The leaked pictures show that the phones will be offered in a variety of colors. We also got to see how the phones would look from all the angels.

hqdefault 2 Picture Of The Upcoming Galaxy J 2017 Models Leaked On The Internet

If you look at the pictures, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J 2017 models. Now comes with a full metal body construction, instead of the plastic build of the old Galaxy J 2016 models. Aside from that according to some rumors, the upcoming Galaxy J models will also be getting a bump in display resolution. Coupled with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

The upcoming Galaxy J 2017 series, sure looks impressive. Where people who own a budget Samsung smartphone would also have something build with good quality materials on their hands. Same is the case with the Galaxy A series from Samsung. Where even the cheapest among the bunch known as the Samsung Galaxy A3. Comes with a phenomenal build quality, something that feels good in the hands.

image 20549 Picture Of The Upcoming Galaxy J 2017 Models Leaked On The Internet

The leaked pictures also show that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J 2017 series, will also come with a side speaker. Just like the one found on the Samsung Galaxy A 2017 series. This makes it a great location for a speaker, because users don’t accidentally muffle it with their fingers. Unlike the usual bottom speaker placement.

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