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Here’s What Phil Spencer have to say about the upcoming Xbox Scorpio during the Interview

Xbox Scorpio

Phil Spencer is been on the news lately and there’s been an interview of him with The Guardian in which Phil Spencer discussed about Xbox Scorpio. And he said that:

Xbox Scorpio is for the console customer who wants the best version of the console game on the television. Whether they have a 1080p or have a 4k television, we’ve got a higher frequency processor than any other console have as of right now. Xbox Scorpio has a better GPU as well than any other console, It has also more RAM than any other console have.

It looks like he has a lot of confidence in this machine when he was saying that we have got higher frequency CPU, we’ve got a better GPU, we’ve got more RAM. Basically what he’s saying is that we are going to show a best console ever made.

What this means is that Xbox Scorpio surely is a beast from what we have been seeing from the hype and the games. I mean one can imagine a high-end machine with 4k gaming on a console and it only comes with the price of $399.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are still thinking and flipping out over this. There’s a lot of hype going on right now because in competition there’s a lot of hate from the PC gamers and other console users like PS4 because they aren’t happy with it.

Microsoft went all out and worked out and made a most out of the hardware and affordable beast machine. Also in that interview with The Guardian he was asked is the Scorpio going to run the old games and the new games smoothly on 4k? in answered he said:

Every game should get access to the full capabilities of the hardware, whether the game was written two years ago for Xbox One, 10 years ago for 360, or is yet to be shipped. You’re gonna see games that shipped on Xbox One that just natively run better on Scorpio, because you have the CPU and GPU power, and things like scalable resolution, which Halo used. You’re just gonna find that it’s running at a higher resolution a lot of the time, or all the time – and if the team does specific work for Scorpio obviously then there’s a ton of headroom to go do something great

Basically what he wants to say is that this console is for those people who wants the best versions of games on their home consoles. That’s what their target audiences are. Those who wants high settings, high anti-liasing, high texture, high graphics etc are what their target audience are.

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