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Phil Schiller, the SVP of Apple says the Apple is introducing smart speakers with a smart screen

Apple smart speakers
  • Apple introducing the smart speakers with the smart screens

We all know about the smart speaker devices for home, The Amazon Echo smart speaker artificial intelligence functions with the virtual personal assistant, the device is the leader in the smart speakers. 

The technology is growing with the innovations and as well improvements in the functions.

Google Home speaker devices, powered by the Google is also working in the artificial intelligence and is way to innovate more functions competing the Amazon Echo. 

Harman Kardon speakers combining the functions with the Microsoft Cortana for the virtual assistant.

With the innovations in the smart speakers, last week we have two rumors about the smart speaker. The one of them, we have, the Amazon Echo is going to introduce the smart screen feature with the speaker.

The other we have, the Apple is going to launch its smart speaker that will work with the Siri. According to the sources, Apple will launch the smart speaker in the coming month of June at the WWDC event.

The vice president of the Apple, Phil Schiller, the head of marketing worldwide for the Apple smart speaker, announced in an interview, the company is introducing the smart speaker with a smart screen.

 According to a report, Phil Schiller said in an interview:

So there’s many moments where a voice assistant is really beneficial, but that doesn’t mean you’d never want a screen. So the idea of not having a screen, I don’t think suits many situations. For example if I’m looking for directions and I’m using Maps, Siri can tell me those directions by voice and that’s really convenient but it’s even better if I can see that map, and I can see what turns are coming up, and I can see where there is congestion, I understand better my route, and what I’m going to do.”-Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Apple

The SVP of worldwide marketing didn’t mention anything about the Google or Amazon smart devices, but he clues that once a time there were nor necessary for the smart screen with the speakers, but now the situations are changed. Moreover, he said:

I have yet to see any voice-only games that, for me, are nearly as fun as the one that I play on my screen. And so I think voice assistants are incredibly powerful, their intelligence is going to grow, they’re gonna do more for us, but the role of the screen is gonna remain very important to all of this.

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