iOS users confront another digital risk. iPhones, iPad or iPod running on iOS variant 10 to 10.2.1 can be frozen and the system crashed by sending a straightforward instant message comprising of three emojis – a white banner (a VS16 character), the numeral zero and a rainbow flag.

The instant message will cause the iPhone to freeze and restart following a time of three minutes or more. After the restart, the telephone will work regularly. Users can benefit from a constrained reboot however that is tedious. This bug is a minor trick than a noteworthy concern. The VS16 character endeavors to consolidate itself with its neighboring character and result in the third character. Since the following character is zero, the gadget tries to include the VS16 character and zero, trying to deliver the rainbow flag emoji. It is unsuccessful and in this way causes the gadget to crash and freeze.

Alarmed iPhone users can take heart in the way that this instant message takes a while to be sent to other people. There are two approaches to send this bug over. The first requires a PC setup and deals with the variant 10-10.1. The second way was developed by Youtuber EverythingApplePro and this operates on every adaptation, from iOS 10 to the 10.2.1 beta. This takes a significant measure of additional time than the past technique.

There is no chance of keeping your cell phone from being impacted by the bug other than blocking speculated pranksters. There is no real way to wipe out the bug than to reboot. There have been occurrences where the Messaging application stays lethargic even after a reboot. There is a simple approach to get them going once more. Here’s the method:

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imessage app crash down Pernicious text message can crash your iPhone, iPad Or iPod


Step 1: Launch the program, Safari on your gadget and go to the address

Step 2: Tap on the “Open” tab that comes into the Messages application.

Step 3: Exit the recently made thread that it makes and erase any past treads which brought about a crash.

This bug is an impeccable weapon for perverted people all around the globe, as there can be nothing more angering than having your telephone crash all of a sudden while you are chipping away at something vital. The video shot by EverythingApplePro, gives information about both the methods for tainting somebody’s iPhone with a bug.

Each instant message should now be treated with alertness, as this most recent vindictive content bug is certain to spread rapidly. What is fearsome, is that there is no preventive measure that we can take to save our iPhones from this bug.

Look at the video beneath to know become more aware about the pernicious content.