Users are pleased through popular messaging application which helps them to stay connected with their family and friends easily. As the time flows, the application Whatsapp has evolved and has precisely picked up all the nuisances required to keep the users attached to it, the User friendly interface along with the slick features like file transfer and everything else which includes your free video calls and audio as well which has made this popular. User experience is enhanced by the features of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Tricks best 5 Perks of Whatsapp with Having Tips and Tricks: How One Can Clear Memory, Limit the Data Usage including Many Other Features as Well.via:

Here is a look at some of the catchy features of Whatsapp

Limitation of Data Use

Loads of data is being consumed by Whatsapp and it can finish the allowance of data pack taking no time. Well in order to save money and restrict the data usage, one can set a data restriction limit in the application setting it self. The user simply has to go to the application settings and find the option of Data usage.

Data usage option can be used by user to choose which type of media they want to auto download while on a mobile connection, while there is also a separate option for auto downloads on Wi-Fi roaming and connectivity.

Sending Chats To Home Screen

w Perks of Whatsapp with Having Tips and Tricks: How One Can Clear Memory, Limit the Data Usage including Many Other Features as Well.via:

The space clearing highlight was an iOS restrictive and the Send Chats to home screen highlight is an Android select. Android clients can spare time and rapidly achieve their most loved talk among thousands in a matter of seconds.
This component permits the client to send their most loved discussions specifically to the home screen. All the client needs to do is long press the particular talk and select Add Chat Shortcut. This will made an alternate way of the discussion on the home screen with the individual’s photo and name as the title of the easy route.

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Clearing of Space
Time to time media gets increased and takes loads of phone memory, which users are not very well aware of unless they get an alert on their smartphone to be exact. On iOS, the amount of space can easily be seen, the chats have taken up and it can easily delete the unrelated content to clear up the memory.
One has to follow the simple steps been stated below:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings menu
  • Step 2: Click on Data and Storage Use
  • Step 3: Click on Storage Usage

With the option of what type of file, user can delete the data, he/she wants to get rid of such pictures, videos, docs, contacts, voice messages and locations.

Design of Messages

whatsapp Perks of Whatsapp with Having Tips and Tricks: How One Can Clear Memory, Limit the Data Usage including Many Other Features as Well.via:

A client can write in intense and italics in Whatsapp. Yes you heard it right, it is conceivable. One can even utilize the strike through highlight on the application. To utilize these composition arranges, every one of the one needs to do is remember some straightforward orders. To write in strong, put the message between two mark, e.g. *message*.
On entering, the message will show up in strong on the screen. For writing in italics, put the content between two underscores “this”. The message will take the stressed frame and for strike through, basic place the message between tildes on either side.

Hiding the Previews

Last yet not the slightest, the Hide Previews alternative. This element comes extremely helpful particularly when you don’t need family or companions to experience your own messages. The see choice empowers messages to fly up on the screen, which can undoubtedly be seen by anybody. On the off chance that you don’t care for the sound of it, you can change the review mode by going into Notification choice in Settings and afterward tapping on Show Preview.

This choice is accessible for iOS clients and will empower them to indicate only the contact’s name as heading. Well unfortunately, Android feature cannot be disabled directly from the application settings but can be controlled from the category of notification from the handset main settings.

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