You can take extraordinary pictures right away from your iPhone and iPad’s Camera and send it to your loved ones. Yet, in the event that you’re keen on utilizing your iPhone for all the more professional level photography, there’s another thing for you in iOS 10: shooting RAW.

The quality that most iPhone users have needed for eternity is currently here. With the proper applications, mobile phone, and iOS 10, you can take pictures in the RAW. Through RAW you can take much more details than the bad rendering JPEGs, giving you the better improvement of shadows and highlights, and give you more detailing during edits.

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Captured by: Gordon Heaney Photography

Why do we need to take Pictures in RAW Format?

For one thing, what is RAW? RAW is a format that takes all picture information recorded by the sensor when you take a photograph. At the point when shooting in JPEG, picture data is not in that much details. But in RAW you’re ready to create ultra quality pictures and also fix pictures that would be impossible if took in the JPEG. You can modify the result of the picture by changing different factors like: exposure, white balance and so on.

raw size The perfect Applications and Hints for Capturing RAW Pictures on iPhone
Comparison Between RAW and JPEG in terms of Size

Free Raw Apps:

  1. VSCO
  2. RAW by 500px
  3. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Premium RAW Apps:

  1. Manual ($3.99)
  2. ProCam 4 ($4.99)
  3. 645 PRO mk III ($3.99)

iphone 6 manual camera apps hero The perfect Applications and Hints for Capturing RAW Pictures on iPhone

Hints for taking RAW pictures:

Your iOS camera application doesn’t allow you to take RAW photographs, so all things considered various applications will covert a JPEG into the DNG and Photos will show that. It’s just not easy to tell what format a picture is from the application, which can be hazardous on the off chance that you need to erase your RAW pictures after exchanging it. In case you’re a Mac person, you can utilize the Image Capture application included with macOS to pick your iPhone, list records by sort, then keep and erase the DNG pictures.

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