Great news! After the successful journey of PCIe 3.0, an iterative update, PCIe 4.0 is coming for this year. What’s more interesting? PCIe 5.0 will also be rolling out in 2019.
Speaking of PCIe 3.0 it helped many of the tech enthusiasts in building their dream machine. It almost doubled the performance of PCs which used the PCIe lanes. Though the technology has been around for 6 years after its ratification in 2011, a new standard has to be launched now.

%name PCIe standards being updated: The new PCIe 4.0 will be rolling out by the end of this year succeeded by PCIe 5.0 in the year 2019

PCIe 3.0 Coming By The End of This Year

The news broke out from a popular forum Tom’s hardware which says that the world will surely be seeing a PCIe 4.0 standard by the end of this year. Not only a soft launch some devices will even feature the technology inside them which proves that there’s not going to be any drama regarding its launch. Here’s what Tom’s hardware says further:

PCIe 4.0 to land soon, and PCI-SIG assures us it will ratify the new specification by the end of 2017. The sluggish ratification process hasn’t hampered adoption entirely, though. Several IP vendors already offer 16GT/s controllers, and many vendors have already implemented PCIe 4.0 PHYs into their next-generation products. These companies are plowing ahead with the 0.9 revision of the specification, whereas the final ratified spec debuts at 1.0.

PCI-SIG says it is accelerating the development and feedback processes, along with simplifying early specification revisions, in a bid to reduce time to market for future specifications. PCI-SIG indicates that PCIe 4.0 will be a short-lived specification because the organization has fast-tracked PCIe 5.0 for final release in 2019.

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