According to the Panic Button sources, they are releasing a Nintendo Switch port next month. This was revealed by Adam Creighton, the director of the development studio Panic Button while he was discussing the progress made so far on the hardware production.

nintendo switch console 4923 Panic Button on the roll to release a Nintendo Switch port – The company is also working on another similar looking project

In this discussion, Adam discussed all the hard work that the developers team went through for the production of Nintendo Switch hardware. And now for the release, the team requires just a month. Historically, Panic Button has been working with the Nintendo Switch hardware for ” almost six years” which is “more than almost any third party.”

About Panic Button

Panic Button has introduced a number of AAA titles to the switch platform, including:

  • Rocket League
  • Doom
  • Wolfenstein II etc.

In addition to the release of Nintendo Switch port, Panic Button is also working on another project which will also be announced in the next month. No further details have been revealed on what is going to happen! Stay tuned for updates.

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