Panasonic’s is the most iconic brand for digital cameras, with the wide range from point-and-shoot to digital SLRs models.

4 2 Panasonic firmware update Lumix G80/85 and GX80/85 With No Noice Videos

Now Panasonic has launched its new products of Lumix camera models DC-G80/81/85 and DC-GX80/GX85. The main advancement is that these models reduce the whirring noise to zero which is caused by any other environmental hustle bustle or in-body stabilization even you are in standby mode because it contains gains in body 5-axis image stabilization with longer eyepoint.  it is known as firmware version 1.2. Lumix is one of its brands with wide series to facilitate with advanced features. It comes in $500-900 category but specs are few strong offerings with easy to use interface and point to point-and-shoot style functionality.

5 4 Panasonic firmware update Lumix G80/85 and GX80/85 With No Noice Videos
image source: imaging-resource

The impact of noise is also reduced in video mode and recording which was really noisy before it. whenever Panasonic  Leica DG Vario-Elmar 00-400mm F4-6.3 ASPH lens, Dual IS 2 is also added to the G80/81/85. It has IS features for lens and body to increase flexibility and amount of motion compensation. It also doing weather and dust sealing.

The Panasonic G85 is the upgrade model of the Panasonic G7 and have its design of  DSLR-style design along with twin control dials and fully embedded touch display. Both versions share same sensors but without AA filter. The G85 have a new 2.36M dot OLED electronic viewfinder with doubled magnification than G7. it is also 4K-capable like its previous model, with built-in Wi-Fi and Defocus AF which uses Defocus AF of  Panasonic’s Depth.

These cameras of Lumix are small in size and lightweight, but the number and arrangement grip size, control points and quality are better and advanced with 4K video capture. these are the perfect camera with reasonable prizes and a lot of betterment. At last, the GX85 is an amazing camera, with some advanced things, like its EVF and fumble controls holding it back. But at the whole, it is a complete package.

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