Using high-end graphics cards for the ‘Cryptocurrency Mining‘ is the new trend and the manufacturers are well aware of that. AMD has already produced a whole lot of specialized graphics cards which people are using for the mining purposes. To ensure that AMD has a solid competition, Nvidia is also providing miners with some exceptional graphics cards to look upon.

Nvidia’s Lineup

To make sure that they are up to the mark, Nvidia is making cards which are essentially a copy of GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. The only difference which makes it a ‘Mining Exclusive’ card, is the lack of display connectors. Opposite to what Nvidia said about the performance gains in the new lineup, these cards are almost the same as the 6 GB version of GTX 1060.

NVIDIA P106-100

The P106-100, in particular, can go up to ~20 MH/s at stock and 24 MH/s while being overclocked. So that’s pretty much the same as GTX 1060. The video below shows two of the models, the MSI’s P106-100 based on GTX 1060 6G TOC and GALAX P106-100.
As you can see, they still have ‘the most powerful graphics card’ label on them making it confirm that these are just the GTX1060 without connectors.

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