Google is strengthening its roots in the VR business and as per the latest reports, the search giant has acquired the famous VR game producing company, Owlchemy Labs. If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, this is actually the company which produced popular titles like Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and Job Simulator. The team is pretty happy with the deal and they seem to be looking forward towards working in the joint collaboration. Excited about the joining, the team released a statement along with a group photo of the staff which is going to become the part of Google:

Today is a REAAAALLY BIG day for Owlchemy. We’re positively thrilled to announce that Owlchemy Labs has been acquired by Google!

pic 151 Famous VR game producers, Owlchemy Labs acquired by Google   We could witness a VR revolution by Google in the near future

Owlchemy’s History

Google’s selection procedure for such acquisitions is not that easy as the search giants follow a very strict protocol for acquiring small companies. Talking about the history of this very company, Owlchemy Labs was founded in 2010. The earning of the company amounted nearly $5 million which they raised in seed funding from Qualcomm Ventures, HTC, Capital Factory, Colopl VR Fund, and The Venture Reality Fund. The company is currently producing some top-notch content for platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Play Station VR.

pic 152 Famous VR game producers, Owlchemy Labs acquired by Google   We could witness a VR revolution by Google in the near future

What Changes Are Being Made After The Acquisition?

For now, there aren’t any visible changes regarding the working of the company as Owlchemy aims to develop on the same platforms with more support. Talking on the same topic, they expressed their thoughts like:

We are continuing to do all of this with even more support and focus on building awesome stuff. It’s incredibly exciting that Google and Owlchemy are so well aligned on our goals and vision for the future of VR.

Google Bringing The VR Scene To The Masses

With this and many other steps taken in this regard, Google seems to be bringing the VR technology on the lower level for masses. Google Cardboard is the most popular initiative by the company and after acquisitions of this kind, it seems like Google is all set to rock the VR world.

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