Blizzard has at last introduced a new hero of overwatch with a name of Orisa. And that bring some new excitement in the game.

Overwatch Osira 5 1 1280x720 Overwatch’s Newest Hero, Is Orisa The Robot
Image source: Orisa New Player Of Overwatch

Orissa is basically a report which play a role of protection and made like a tank class. Her weapon is, she alternatively fire is Halt and thats a huge explosion for the enemies she can completely destroy her enemies by the Halt.

Moreover she is fusion driver machine gun which is an alternative cannon which continuously can damage the enemy but can slow her movement speed. And she has her shield to protect herself from explosion.

After all, the newest hero of overwatch is a complete version for fight that can explode enemies and protect herself in short she is mixture of tanks and other supportive classes.

Watch her in action hereto can play out Orisa on your own PC version’s public test realm at your home. she is not yet announced. We will let you know soon about her skills as soon as we got reports officially.


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