So 2018 has already come with a bunch of good news for gamers and we are here with another one to brighten up your day. If you are an ‘Overwatch’ lover and want to explore more about the content of the game, the game’s Director probably has something good for you. The most important thing to be discussed here is the new hero and the new maps which will be included in this year’s update.

The 2018 Update

Digging a bit deep into what we are getting this year in Overwatch, we have a new ‘Hero Character’ along with a bunch of maps and many other minor adjustments. Last year, we saw the three new heroes with several maps and other additions so it’s like the continuity of the legacy. Director Jeff Kaplan came up with this exciting news for us a few days ago:

We’re super fired up for 2018, and there’s a lot of stuff we need to address. As we’ve mentioned, we have all those great Overwatch League skins coming soon. Plus, the start of the Overwatch League is going to be incredibly exciting. We’re going to release Blizzard World very soon, and I think that map is one of our best. Not only is a gorgeous map with tons of great Easter eggs, but we’re also trying a lot of different things with the gameplay.

Here’s when he disclosed about the upcoming new hero in the game:

I’m going to be vague about some of this, because I can’t reveal everything that we’re working on, but obviously one of the things that’s most important to us are heroes. We are well along the path on hero 27. We think the hero is going to be awesome [and] very needed. We’re not sure when the release date is. We have it in internal testing, and, so far, we’re having a ton of fun, and we’re making a lot great progress. We’re also thinking of heroes beyond 27, as well. There’s [also] some great new maps in the works, which you’ll learn more about in the future.

Beyond that, we’re going to continue to work on improving competitive play. As the year goes on, we want to evolve our plan for what competitive play looks like over the long term. We also want to continue the story development of Overwatch. We’ve been talking a lot about furthering the story we’ve been telling, Winston’s recall, how different characters have responded to that. That’s a continuing storyline we want to explore through our animated shorts and comics. Another thing we’re putting a lot of time into is events. We’re planning the next iteration of Uprising, the lore-based event we ran last year. We know Uprising should return, but we want to evolve it.

Overwatch definitely deserves more than just the regular changes made like every year to keep the target audience alive and intact with the title!

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