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Overview of the Nest Outdoor security Camera ; Records 1080p HD videos

Nest Outdoor Security Camera

Maybe you are familiar with the Nest indoor camera called Nest Cam. This is in a lot of ways very similar but it happens to be something that goes outdoors. It records 1080p HD video and has a 130 degree wide angle viewing lens. It is 24/7 video streaming and then if you pay for a Nest subscription, you can also look back at historical clips of movements that might have happened. And it also has a two-way microphone which you can use it for example if someone is going to drop a package off at your place and you are not at your home, you can talk to them or in another case you can talk to your cat when you are at work all day.

The difference here is that it is waterproof so, you can put at outside, you can stick it on a gutter or anywhere else that will hold the magnetic mount and it will with stand all of the elements. Comes with 25 feet of cable, first part is 10 feet and there’s another 15 feet.

Another difference between this generation nest and the old indoor Nest is that the app has been updated to include some new feature. So, you imagine if you’re pointing this thing outside; there’s gonna be a lot of movement whether people walking down the street or cars passing by.

The new nest app will have a feature that will tell you when it has identified a person. It will either say it has spotted a person in frame or think it has spotted a person in frame. Nest says it actually works with google and Google’s deep learning team come up with the software that would recognize people in the frame.

So, here’s one thing you might want to consider though, while the camera and the app will tell you if it’s recognized a person. It doesn’t really have any kind of alarm system. So, if you’re looking for something that’s more of a serious high powered security systems which has a sound alarm as well or call emergency services when you needed to then Nest camera is not for you.


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