A fresh trailer for Overkill’s ‘The Walking Dead’ game has just arrived after a long wait. The game was actually announced way back in 2014 and we were expecting it to be released in this year but the company has some other plans. We have now come to the point that the game may still take another 8-9 months to roll out.

overkills the walking dead trailer for aidan ‘The Walking Dead’ by Overkill gets a refresh   Watch the all new trailer!

‘The Walking Dead’

That’s what the game is titled and is actually quite similar to the Payday games. Speaking more of the gameplay, we are going to have four playable characters in the game. The game shows scenes of the Washington D.C where you’ll be fighting against the zombies and E.T creatures.

The Characters

Overkill spoke about these four playable characters and said that they’ll have their own skill trees, story arcs, and special abilities. You’ll have the option to silently take out enemies, or charge in guns blazing. More information is yet to come regarding ‘The Walking Dead’. Stay tuned to techstunt for more updates regarding the game.

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