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Over-the-air charging: Motorola hopes to create a new generation of wirelessly powered devices


Lenovo-owned phone manufacturer, Motorola, is known for developing budget smartphones, but this does not stop it from innovating. Motorola may soon launch products that will support over-the-air charging. Put in simple terms, this means that the devices will no longer need wired chargers or charging pads to top up their battery levels. 

You heard it right. Over-the-air charging technology will do away with the hassle of using a wired charger, you can sit away at a distance and can easily charge your phone. Motorola has partnered with GuRu Wireless for the same. Read the full blog to know what over-the-air charging means and how it works.  

Over-the-air charging: Meaning

Image Source: Life Wire

Everyone is well aware of the concept of wireless charging. It means charging your device by placing it on a charging pad without having to use a wired charger. Over-the-air charging lets you charge your devices remotely and invisibly without placing them on a charging surface.

Over-the-air charging technology makes use of radio waves with medium-distance wireless charging allowing users to charge their smartphones while sitting next to the charging station. This technology if worked out properly will let you charge the device by walking into a room that has the charging station beaming power to devices.

Over-the-air-charging: How it works

Image Source: GuRu

mmWave technology on the 24 GHz band is used to deliver power to supported devices. Your current phone may not be able to get charged from this technology because a separate module is required in the phone itself for this process to take place.  

Regarding how speedy the charging will happen, the company says that it will vary from device to device. The company claims that phones might get 5 to 10W of power which is pretty less as compared to the speed with which our regular chargers charge. Considering that you can charge your phone from anywhere in a room, even the speed of 5-10W sounds fine. We can hope for speedy charging in the future.  


Motorola is not the only company that is working towards bringing over-the-air charging technology. Recently, Xiaomi also showcased a similar technology, Mi Air, that is said to work similarly and can charge your phone from anywhere in the same room. Xiaomi is developing this tech in-house, unlike Motorola which has partnered with GuRu. Oppo is also working towards developing this tech by incorporating the magnetic resonance phenomenon, which will have a lesser range as compared to Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge as suggested by some reports. 

If the aforesaid technology is developed and works as efficiently as the company claims, then the future of hassle-free charging is not far. However, doubts regarding charging speed and health hazards are yet to be cleared. But as the company works towards creating a new generation of wirelessly powered devices, we wait patiently. 

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