Recently, Facebook was celebrating its 2 Billion+ users with ever-growing stats making Facebook the world’s largest social media channel. A rather bad yet necessary news has now come out of the Facebook HQs saying that the FB administration has deleted as much as 1.3 BILLION fake accounts.

%name Facebook deletes over 1.3 billion fake accounts out of its total of 2.2 Billion accounts!

Out of Facebook’s 2.2 billion monthly active users (MAUs) and a huge 1.49 billion daily active users (DAUs), it is the most engaging social media platform blowing most companies away with the amount of MAUs and DAUs possible without an explosion of human beings on this planet.

According to the Q2 2018 statistics from StreetAccount and FactSet:

Facebook has 2.25 billion MAUs and 1.49 billion DAUs. But if we take the new information into account from Facebook’s own Chief Operating Officer and the deletion of 1.3 billion fake accounts, how many of those MAUs and DAUs are real? If we’re talking about 1.3 billion accounts, let’s shave 60% off those numbers.

MAUs from Facebook data: 2.25 billion DAUs from Facebook data: 1.49 billion MAUs with 60% accounts deleted: 900 million DAUs with 60% accounts deleted: 600 million.

Facebook might need to issue an explanation on this as just a quarter ago, Facebook issued a Transparency Report saying that the fake accounts resulted in only 3-4% of its MAUs.

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