OTOY is bringing a new trend in the world of rendering and the special effects and CG animation is about to change. With what’s known as RNDR, OTOY is bringing rendering to the cloud, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technologies to use PCs and graphics cards that are otherwise unused.

OTOY Light Field Capture 4 OTOY changes the rendering trend; Now lets you render CG animation, cloud and blockchain!

This will help content creators to render CG images as OTOY CEO Jules Urbach believes in the future of blockchain being used for collective rendering. He has also opened up an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) last year with Render Token, and driving it home with the just-announced RNDR.

About Render Token

Render Token works on an interesting business model, letting people invest in it. It uses a distributed GPU rendering network to entice users to invest so that content creators can tap into users’ unused computing power to get their jobs complete. This reduces the electricity consumption overall as most of the power is now being taken from the already running PCs.

Venture Beat states:

OTOY has created an ability to render graphics in the cloud, and it is using blockchain technology to enable people to make use of it. The goal is to create a decentralized economy for 3D assets, which could be rendered via the shared hardware, hosted in the cloud, and then sold and traded in a decentralized fashion.

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