Original Windows 10 version 1507 has been launched in July 2015 ,windows will stop receiving security updates from March 26.Microsoft confirmed that it would be functional but would not be receiving any security update.

Nathan Mercer, a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft”After March 26, 2017, Windows 10, version 1507 would not be updated,  only the two most Current Branch for Business (CBB) versions are serviced.”

March 26 end of the support date means:

The March 26 end-of-support date shows that from then on, the original Windows 10 version 1507 will not  updates and security patches. The version will  work, it will not be updated.The strategy in line with Microsoft’s stop upgrade of Windows 10 and have only two CBB versions supported at the same time. With Windows 10 version 1607 the CBB trace back in November, the end of support for the original version of 1507 was expected.




Windows 10 version 1507 was succeeded by version 1511 in November 2015, then version 1607 that was released in November 2016. Version 1607 becomes broadly available this month. The same is with version 1511 as soon as a new version follows version 1607 in the CBB.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Original Windows 10 Version 1507  will not receive security updates from March 26, 2017 although Windows would be functional



Microsoft decided the 60-day calculation for older CBB builds depends on the availability date of the newbuild in the VLSC.”With the launch of Windows 10, version 1607 to the VLSC on Jan. 26, the 60-day countdown for Windows 10 will start for version.”

What To Do with 1507 and 1607:

As earlier mentioned, the original Windows 10 version 1507 will be working even after March 26, but it will not receive any security updates. This means that users currently using that version will be able to keep using it, but it’s highly suggested  to move to a newer version.Windows 10 users who are still running version 1507 are advised to update their software as soon as possible. Those who are running version 1607 don’t have to do anything.

Microsoft's Creators Windows 10 will get updates in March 2017

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