Yesterday, Optus customers reported the 4G services across the country are dead. The company confirms the outage 4G mobile data services and as well as the broadband services across the region.

Optus Store  Optus customers reported the broadband and mobile data outage, the company confirms the problem

The services was destructed for round about 55 minutes the customers in New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory reported. An Optus spokesperson said:

“Optus technicians are investigating the cause of the interruption and we apologise to customers and appreciate their understanding,”

The company is planning to invest in the improving the fixed line services and roaming of the data. According to the report, Optus CEO Allen Lew said:

“This decision will provide Optus with the certainty it needs to invest a further AU$1.5 billion in 2017-18 to deepen network capacity and coverage, and continue delivering high-quality services, choice, and competition, particularly in regional Australia.”

The CEO shares the aim of the company, the company want to become number one in the Australia and the company is becoming popular among the customers for its mobile data and voice data services. The CEO of Optus stated as:

“The AU$1.5 billion primarily will go towards our mobile network, and will go towards building a significant number of new greenfields sites primarily in the regional areas, There will also be within that AU$1.5 billion a densification of our metro networks in the capital cities.”

Many other broadband services also have outage in the region in the past. Vodafone in the one of the broadband and 4G services company that faces the outage as contrast to the daily schedule work. Earlier in this year Vodafone customer reported the problem in voice quality for about 90 minutes.

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Optus network feature2 Optus customers reported the broadband and mobile data outage, the company confirms the problem

Later on, the company reported the problem was due to the error, in planning for the network. However, last yearthe company faces the outage of voice, text messages and that was reported due to the router problem in the country.

Likewise, Telstra also suffered the broadband and mobile data outage in this February, the reason is obvious due to the fire caught in Chatswood exchange. The customers face the problem in sending their messages, the services deliver the text  messages to wrong receipt. Other reported, the voice outage and mobile data was due to the problem in hardware.