Online service providing company Airbnb sued by US landlord apartment:

Airbnb is a company which providing the online services like hospitality services like marketplace services and providing short term and also for the long duration of time vacations rentals. And also provides hostel rooms booking to students and the Hotels rooms for rent.

This company doesn’t own lodging its just work on percentage fees which also said to be (commissions) from the host side and also get commissions from the other guest side in every booking of hotels, Hostels or guest rooms.

Services over the 191 countries:

This company provides the services over the 191 countries and also in 65,000 cities. Urban is lodging lists of online booking Over 3,000,000 and these are the lists of all services like hospitality, hostels and a hotel room. So there is the huge and big and growing business pile of lawsuits which is filled and also the against on Airbnb.

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Apartment Investment & Management Co:

This company (Apartment Investment & Management Co) issued on the basis of rental services. This is reported by the WALL street Journal the company ( Apartment Investment & Management Co) is one of the biggest landlords in united state. They are handled and manages hotels and more than 50,000 Apartments across all the country.

At that point Real Estate research on this point, the advisers of the green street said that In life this is the first time ever the Airbnb company has been sued by the major of the landlord and other owners of the apartment are feeling emboldened to follow the order of suits and if the services will refuse so they Have to cooperate with them.

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Airbnb said:

The Airbnb said they are helping peoples to provide them services of hotels rooms and hospital services. They say that this is not acceptable to us that Airbnb actively promotes their activities and profits from them.