OnePlus, since its inception in 2014, has earned considerable fame in the market. Its sales have been reported as continuously increasing with every flagship.

So far, the brand is predominantly lauded for its user friendly and advanced features and a very reasonable price tag. Earlier, we saw the company entertaining its lovers with OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X. Now its time for OnePlus 4.

Screenshot 1 6 OnePlus 4 is ready to pleasantly shock you very soon   amazing features and reasonable price tag make you love it


Will it achieve the milestone that has been set by the previous versions? The  future will tell us.

Let’s see what does the smartphone showcase.

OnePlus 4 is likely to reveal an aluminum curved body with a very attractive design. Like its predecessor OnePlus 3, it houses 5.5 inches diagonal screen, which is indeed a remarkable feature in the smart-world. Similarly, the resolution for this smartphone is 4000 that is indeed a flash the company should feel proud of.

When it comes to its cameras, one is pleasantly shocked by the 22 MP rear camera that leaves OnePlus 3 behind with its 16 MP. Interestingly, the device possesses auto-focus laser and eye sensor in addition to various others. Likewise, the front camera is said to have 8 MP capacity.

Screenshot 3 3 OnePlus 4 is ready to pleasantly shock you very soon   amazing features and reasonable price tag make you love it


Another mind-boggling feature is the smartphone’s 8 GB RAM, which has been upgraded from 6 GB (OnePlus 3). Similarly, the system is powered by the latest Qualcomm snapdragon processor that is targeted at increased speed for improved efficiency.

To talk about its capacity for SIM cards, its coming up to the expectations of general smartphone users. The cellphone is unveiling a dual SIM feature.

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It is expected that the smartphone will aim for 126 GB of external storage, extendable from 32 GB. Similar hopes are expressed for its battery that is reportedly hitting 4000 mAh. Moreover, it will be charged at a rate of up to 60 % in just one hour.


Important of all, wireless charging technology might be seen in the smartphone, which is highly cherished today.

The last but not the least, is its reasonable price. Owing to its marvelous features, the reported price tag of 35K to 40K (in India) will hopefully be welcomed in the market.