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OnePlus Just Tweeted A Picture Sample Allegedly Taken With The Upcoming OnePlus 5 Smartphone


After the announcement of the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone. The company also made a statement that the main camera module on the phone is made with the collaboration of DxO. A company that is mostly known for testing photography. As a result we recently got to see a picture sample on twitter, which is said to have been taken with the upcoming OnePlus 5.

As you can clearly see OnePlus have posted two separate pictures, combined into one. Where the company is asking its followers to take a guess which one is which. But it does not take a professional eye to guess which picture is better among the two. Here the picture on the right is taken with the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone. We say this because the picture on the right looks more vibrant with accurate colors. Compared to the one on the left. Aside from that the main thing about the picture is its lighting condition. Normally it has always been seen that low light capability of any smartphone camera is not up to the standards. Same is not the case here as even in low light conditions the said OnePlus 5 was able to take such a sharp and crisp picture.

Other rumors regarding the OnePlus 5 points towards a dual camera setup on the phone. A lot of pictures have also been leaked confirming the dual camera setup rumors as well. Aside from that the smartphone is also rumored to include a finger print scanner at the front of the device. While the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 will be running under the hood.

The picture shown above is a nice example of how good the camera is on the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone. But it would have been better if we had gotten our hands on a high resolution picture instead.


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