The Oneplus 5 is one of famous chain’s brand operating in multiple countries. According to the CEO the new smart device will give better touting results to the company. Customer feel satisfied after using Oneplus 5.


Oneplus 5 Specifications:

The body of the Oneplus5 is expected to come up with its stylish external body look. It is likely to have a curved shaped aluminum body for making the design of the body unique and attractive as well. The body is also expected to made of completely metal for avoiding the damage when it falls down or any kind of chances of an accident.


The size of the display of the Oneplus 5 will be bigger than its previous series. The expected size of the screen is 5.7 inches when compared to its previous version. The display will be designed with the latest 3D streaming video technology. One plus 5 will facilitate you to play HD video format with a resolution of 1080 p.


The estimated quality of the camera of Oneplus 5 is that it will have a 25 Mega Pixels of primary camera and 12 megapixels of secondary Camera with an amazing focus mode. Some other features that are likely to be introduced are retina eye scanner and with the band new technology of the sensors of the camera. Lots of others new camera settings mode also will be added in the One plus 5.

Memory storage

According to the latest information, the developer has given a capacity of 64 GB internal storage in the One plus 3.  It is likely that the Oneplus 5 will come up with an internal storage of 126 GB which is just awesome. The expandable memory storage is also expected to be increased up to 128 of Micro SD Card or maybe it will not provide any kind of external memory card slot facility as we have seen the Oneplus 3 series does not have it.

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In the Oneplus 5 series, it is expected that the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor will be introduced with the 3.6 GHz processor. The version of the Smartphone is expected to have the latest version of Android technology. It is also rumored that Oneplus 5 will provide you with 8 GB RAM or may be higher than that will be regarded as one the highest RAM in the market of Smartphone.


The battery of the Oneplus5 is expected to have more long lasting battery life than ever as it comes with the 4500-500 mAH. It can perform for almost 18 hours or more than that in the 3G and 4G enable mode of active internet connection. The charging speed time has been extended in less than 20 minutes the percentage of your charged battery will reach 80%. As the company has introduced the dish charge system in the Oneplus 3 that come with the wireless free of charging the battery. In the Oneplus 5 is expected the same kind of charging facilities.

Release Date

Oneplus 5 Mobile is expected to release in 2017. It would be available in market in the second half of this year.

OnePlus 5 Price

The price of the Oneplus 5 in china will be 3000-3500 yuan, Rs. 35,000 -37,000 in India and $495-$510 in US.