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Oneplus Bullets Wireless India: The Wireless Earphones Ruling the Market

OnePlus has always surprised us by inventing unique technologies both for our ease and enjoyment. This month OnePlus has launched its v2 wireless earphone set with a good battery life of up to 8hrs when fully charged.

Let us see what are the features associated with this-


The distinguishing design of the bullets has forced many earphone manufacturers to recreate their design interface.

OnePlus earphones have a magnetic control feature which is actually an on-off feature associated with magnetic movements. If you wish to switch off your device, you need to keep the buttons together to magnetically turn them off. Switching on is far easier, just clip them off, and you are done. This is the best and the easiest way the user can imagine in resuming to their music.   


Now coming to the battery charging policy, the device can give you five hours of unlimited music experience with only 10 minutes of charge. As stated earlier when fully charged it can give you eight hours of backup music and 22 hours of backup on standby mode. The JBL E25BT also has 8hrs of battery backup but it does not support lightning-fast charging.   


The earphone has a pleasant and sleek attractive design. It has an aluminum alloy construction with stress-resistant cables. The stress resistance helps to minimize the damage of the wire caused by stress(or pull) whereas the alloy helps it to remain strong and firm.

Hence, your device is safe.

The Sony C400 wireless earphones have a 20hrs of battery backup and NFC support.

For people who do not know what is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Technology is the fastest way to connect devices by using a magnetic field induction to communicate between devices when they are touched together or brought between close electromagnetic fields.

The question is: Do we need this feature so vehemently?

OnePlus Bullets comes with the latest Bluetooth technology that assures faster and safer connect with the hands-free on-off feature. What else do you need?  


The riveting technology of One Plus earphones is that it has a microphone that can control your Google assistant with voice. You can set a reminder for a date or even ask for the direction to your destination.


The Qualcomm AptX technology is a very renowned technology associated with sound bass. AptX can actually support up to 48,000 Khertz / 24-bit PCM audio data that actually enhances your hearing experience with less damage to your eardrums. After reading this you will surely prefer earphone devices with this technology. And the good news is that the bullets are certified with AptX technology. It can deliver high definition quality sound over a wireless Bluetooth connection.

We are all concerned with energy transfer from one medium to another. Be it a transformer or an electromagnetic wave, the energy that gets out is not always the same amount of energy received.

Sound energy losses are more prominent in a wireless set of earphone device. No worries, One plus comes with a cool technology!

The sound bypassed by the magnetic core has to undergo an energy tube that absorbs stray soundwaves and reverts it back to original direction. This useful technology can actually reverse sound losses through the earphone, giving you the best sound experience.

The wireless bullets contain premium 9.2 MM drivers for a rich bass experience.

Why Oneplus bullets?

A good earphone is the one which can actually construct a wall between the user and the outer surroundings. It should give the user clear and audible music on road or while traveling. Sometimes, surrounding sounds seem to supersede the music we want to hear. But Oneplus give a clear sound with recreational music effects.  

The Eminent Competitors:

  1. Skull Candy method Bluetooth wireless earphones with 9hrs of battery backup, dedicated voice button with Google assistant. It is priced at Rs. 4099.
  2. Samsung level U Bluetooth Earphones: The 11 hours of battery backup on a single charge, having a good bass is priced at Rs. 2989.
  3. Sony C400 wireless earphones: It has 20 hrs of battery backup. The design is not appealing enough with NFC support and is priced at Rs. 3470.


OnePlus bullets come up with real bass and an extraordinary Dolby version. It separates you from the outer noisy world and helps you in listening to your favorite content pleasantly. You can actually use the bullets for up to 5hrs on only 10 mins of charge. It has a perfectly designed aluminum alloy construction with stress-resistant cables.

The Qualcomm AptX technology preserves sound data to give you the best possible audio quality. It has variable low sound losses so that you can hear clearly.

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