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OnePlus Band Review: A New Affordable Fitness Tracker

OnePlus Band review

At the beginning of the year, OnePlus took everyone by surprise with the announcement of joining the league of budget fitness trackers. But it shouldn’t surprise you that much if you’ve paid attention to the way most smartphone companies are expanding recently, and as they are trying to become an AIoT platform with other connected devices as a part of a massive ecosystem.

OnePlus expands its tentacles in 2020 with the release of great OnePlus Buds and Buds Z, smart TVs, smartphones with the OnePlus Nord, and the N10 N100, and dedicated wireless earphones.

The next segment for the brand is wearables, which the OnePlus Band starts, and the upcoming OnePlus smartwatch will continue. The OnePlus Band is an inch close to being a fantastic fitness tracker in its first attempt. Nevertheless, it has newbie errors that will take more time and lots of feedback to be addressed.

OnePlus Band Design

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The OnePlus Band has a single model (W101N) having a removable strap design. Its dimensions are similar to other fitness trackers counterparts, measuring 40.4 x 17.6 x 11.95mm for the fitness tracker while the strap has a width up to 21mm. It weighs about 22.6g alongside the strap, which can be barely felt on your wrist.

The strap possesses a unique and distinctive striated pattern with a simple clasp design that looks clean. The color of the strap is by default black, but you can buy extra colored straps separately. OnePlus provides two additional color options Tangerine Gray and Navy.

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The central tracker can easily pop in and out of the strap if you push gently. Since it’s something you’ll have to do regularly, you’ll need to charge the band. Both the tracker and the band are entirely water-resistant, with an IP68 rating that enables you to use the band underwater when swimming.

The OnePlus Band possesses a 1.1-inch, 126×294 pixel AMOLED touchscreen. The display keeps bright, intense, and oversaturated colors and real deep blacks due to its self-emitting pixels regarding image quality. The display is readable even if you are under direct sunlight.

The performance of the touchscreen is awesome. Although the touch surface is limited, it’s still possible for you to navigate the UI comfortably. Any delay in processing inputs occurs due to the band’s hardware capabilities instead of the touchscreen itself.

OnePlus Band Features 

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The OnePlus Band possesses a 1.1-inch display, having five brightness levels that can be set based on ambient lighting conditions. However, it gets bright enough that it can be readable under direct sunlight. Its display is also responsive, and navigating the interface is quite comfortable.

It also has a Bluetooth 5.0 feature, with a 100mAh battery and a 5ATM water resistance that gives you the ability to wear it while swimming.

It is easy to pair the OnePlus Band with the OnePlus Health app. Since the OnePlus Band works effectively with Android devices and can be paired with the OnePlus Health app, it will also be launched for the iOS device very soon.

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You wear the OnePlus Band immediately, it will start tracking your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and other physical activities like walking and running and calories burnt.

OnePlus Health app enables you to track your heart rate, SpO2, and sleep stages.

OnePlus Band lets you track your SpO2 levels. One of the OnePlus band’s significant features is undoubtedly the SpO2 support, which implies that it can track your blood oxygen level. To adequately measure SpO2 on the OnePlus Band, all you have to do is tighten the band and select the SpO2 option. However, it takes a few seconds for the band to reveal results. Also, there are various exercise modes, heart tracking, and sleep tracking available.

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While sleeping, the bands help in monitoring various sleep stages and your blood oxygen saturation levels. It reveals the deep sleep time, light sleep time, awake time, interruptions while sleeping and wake-up time, and total sleep time. It also provides insights according to your sleeping habits and also offers suggestions.

Without a doubt, it was discovered that the OnePlus Band precisely tracks the heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, and sleep monitoring. It also provided excellent insights.

OnePlus Band Battery Life

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OnePlus stated that the OnePlus Band could last for about 14 days on a single charge. During the OnePlus Band testing, it was discovered that the best that it could go was just over a week with moderate usage of the band. About 10-15% of the battery drops daily, with notifications turned on for most apps and a 6-minute interval between the pulse readings. 

This is average for a tracker in its class, but the battery life has an average performance compared to its counterpart, the Mi Band 5, which comfortably beats it because it can last up to 10 days.

For effective charging, you are required to pop out the capsule and securely put it in the included charging cradle. It’s not bad, but possessing a magnetic connector that will automatically align with the pins without disconnecting the strap would have been more comfortable. Although, it shouldn’t be a serious problem since the band will be charged only once a week.  


The OnePlus Health app and the entire software experience on the OnePlus Band are also massively quite awesome. But we hope that it should be enhanced with significant future updates. Entirely, the OnePlus Band is the first considerable offering from OnePlus in the wearables section that I feel comfortable recommending, in case you don’t need the missing features.

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