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OnePlus released one of its updated smartphones OnePlus 6T in October 2018. OnePlus 6T is the best-accomplished smartphone which is released by the company with more features which makes this phone very special and unique among all the smartphones in the market. For a brand to launch two flagship phones in a year is a lot, and in many cases, it did not work out because of the unavailability of new technology. OnePlus has been rolling two models of phone in a year since the release of OnePlus 3T in 2016.

About OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T came up with a bunch of features which makes this smartphone a great deal for the user.  OnePlus 6T price starts from Rs. 37,999/- in our country. The phone comes up with a 6.41-inch touchscreen display and a resolution of 1080×2340 pixels. The 20+16MP back camera and the 16MP front camera helps the user to capture beautiful and high-quality photographs.

Nightscape technology – Amazing For low-light photography

The smartphone is enabled with the new nightscape technology to enhance the image quality. The nightscape on the OnePlus 6T is nothing but a pro-mode of photography. When a user is capturing low light photographs in this phone, the camera of this phone slows down the shutter speed and it changes the effect. With the help of AI, stabilization is achieved and nightscape mode is enabled. After capturing the photo, it still processes the image and provides the well-lit and a stable photograph.

Intelligent Scene Recognition, Super-slow motion Video, Studio Lightning

Intelligent Scene Recognition detects the image in the frame and readjusts the specs to offer high-quality results. The camera is fast with 480 frames per second and it can enable the user to capture the video in super slow motion. It can capture the action with amazing details. It has advanced face detection and superior edge detection which dynamically tones the highlight and shadow on the face, thus giving a studio lighting effect.


OnePlus 6T gives the much widescreen to use it for any game or movie. It gives immersive experience to the user. The smartphone has an edge to edge Optic Amoled Display. The phone has a wide-screen of 6.41-inch screen. The subtle curve of the phone mesmerizes every time when the user holds it. The phone looks amazing with mirror black’s vivid sheen and it has colors of light and shadow which makes this even look beautiful in the hand of the user. The protection of this phone is improved with improved dust and water resistance.

Smart Protection

The one magic touch unlocks this phone. The fingerprint sensor is hidden under the display. The phone gives an impeccable and intuitive unlock experience in just 0.36 seconds. It unlocks when user’s finger lands on the display. The new in-display fingerprint sensor of OnePlus 6T’s design is unified and even. The face unlock system makes this phone cooler with good security system enabled in it. The face detection and phone unlocking system takes care of detecting the face before the phone is unlocked by the user.


It is a powerful smartphone enabled with Snapdragon 845 to upgrade the user’s gaming experience. It has powerful hardware and smooth reliable software. This Smartphone came up with the latest version of the Android OS which is Android Pie, improved by Oxygen OS. They have 3700 mAh battery which is the biggest battery ever provided by the company. It can work throughout the day.


The 6GB and 8GB RAM provided in this phone unlock the speed of this beast. With this capacity of the RAM memory, the user need not worry about operating the different apps through this mobile phone. It has also provided internal storage of 128GB.

Price & Warranty

One Plus 6T has 6GB RAM and 128GB memory which costs around 37,999 whereas the one with 8GB and 128GB RAM, costs 41,999. The smartphone is sold by and it has 1-year manufacturer warranty.


According to the reviews from, different buyers have mentioned the nightscape technology and has also mentioned that the phone is good in all the aspects. Some other buyers are fascinated with the battery life, performance, the design of the phone and the display finger scanner.


No doubt, it is a new and advanced smartphone which has a lot of good features to give a hassle-free user experience.

While comparing with other phones the OnePlus 6T smartphone outshine other models in all aspects. The phone gives user a better experience of operating, from playing video games capturing the beautiful photographs, it cannot disappoint the users.

Cutting the long story short,  we can conclude that this phone is one of the advanced technology which is released by the OnePlus company in these following months.

Thus, OnePlus 6T truly standby its tag-line which is “Unlock the Speed”.

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