When it comes to Chinese manufacturers, most of them always try to copy the design of Apple. Where some are rumored to be working on a phone with a notch on top, similar to the iPhone X. Among these companies a new leak just got out, showing the next flagship phone from OnePlus to also sport a notch on top.

Alleged OnePlus 6 leaks with a notch on top OnePlus 6 Leaked Featuring A Notch On Top Similar To The iPhone X

The leaked picture shown above is a prototype, supposedly known as OnePlus 6. Though it’s a prototype so we may or may not see it get included on the final version of the device. Aside from that OnePlus also copies a lot of its design aesthetics from Oppo. Where its upcoming phone the Oppo R13 is also expected to feature a notch on top. So you never known what the next flagship device from OnePlus might look like.

The leaked picture of the expected OnePlus 6 prototype have now been deleted from the internet. But it seems it was too late as the post did get viral. The prototype also sports a glass back design. Which also lets us to believe that the next flagship phone from OnePlus might also support wireless charging. While the fingerprint scanner is re-positioned this time from the front, to the back underneath the dual camera setup.

1519399293 oppo r15 leaked weibo OnePlus 6 Leaked Featuring A Notch On Top Similar To The iPhone X

Other specs on the expected OnePlus 6 prototype includes 6GB of RAM and 64GB of on board storage. Aside from that the phone will also be running Android 8.1 out of the box. As for processing we still don’t know what OnePlus will be going for. Because the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is the only option available for now.

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OnePlus now seems to be working on changing the design language on its next flagship device. Which will sport a glass and metal design this time around. Something that Apple have also moved to with their recent lineup.