Chinese smartphone manufacturer named OnePlus have come up with the best smartphones one after another. Where currently their top selling smartphone is the OnePlus 3T. Now OnePlus is gearing up for the launch of their next smartphone. Rumored to be known as the OnePlus 5, with a lot of hype surrounded it. Which does not come as a surprise since the fans of OnePlus have never been disappointed with their smartphone.

OnePlus 5 dual camera New Rumors Regarding The Upcoming OnePlus 5 Smartphone Leaked On The Internet

Some new rumors regarding the specs of the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone were leaked on the internet. Which do share some similarity with the earlier leaks regarding the smartphone. It should be known by now that OnePlus 5 will indeed come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SOC. We say this because OnePlus have always equipped their smartphones with the latest SOC the market has to offer.

Aside from that other specs on the smartphone are not known as of now. Though in previous rumors the upcoming OnePlus 5 was supposed to have 8GB of RAM. Now according to current rumors the phone might come with 6GB RAM. Though 8GB RAM would be nice to have, but it would be an overkill for a smartphone. Where most of it won’t be used anyways. There would also be a finger print scanner embedded in the home button like the one on its predecessor. While the standard version would come shipped with 128GB of storage.

oneplus 5 microsoft surface phone and other 2017 smartphones getting the snapdragon 835 treatment New Rumors Regarding The Upcoming OnePlus 5 Smartphone Leaked On The Internet

Now let’s talk about the important part of the smartphone, the battery life. Well according to the latest rumors the upcoming OnePlus 5 will be equipped with a 3600mAh battery. Which should improve its battery to around 25% over its predecessor, the OnePlus 3T. Its still not confirmed yet, but it would be nice.  If OnePlus didn’t remove the 3.5mm jack from their upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone.

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Are you excited about the upcoming OnePlus 5? What new things are you expecting from the company.