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OnePlus 5 Is Reported To Have Jelly Effect While Scrolling: A Software Or hardware Issue?


OnePlus 5 is the current flagship smartphone from the company. Though being a great smartphone for less, the recently launched OnePlus 5 does offer the fastest performance. But recently some OnePlus 5 users have been complaining about what seems to be an issue. Where while scrolling the smartphone produces a weird jelly effect. The effect sure is there but not a lot of people have been noticing it. Or maybe not every OnePlus 5 users have an issue with something like this.

OnePlus did address its OnePlus 5 users by saying ’’the OnePlus 5 uses the same level of high-quality components as all OnePlus devices, including the AMOLED display. We’ve received feedback from a small number of users saying that at times they notice a subtle visual effect when scrolling. This is natural and there’s no variance in screens between devices’’.

This means that it’s something related to the Oxygen OS that the smartphone runs on. Maybe OnePlus will soon release an update to fix this jelly effect. Though if you are a user who can’t live with something like this. OnePlus does offer a 15 day return policy. Because it’s certainly not a hardware issue and claiming for a replacement won’t do you much good.

In terms of specs the OnePlus 5 is equipped with a 5.5 inch display. That supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080. There is also a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 running under the hood. With either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Aside from that users can also get either 64GB or 128GB of non-expandable storage. Though the 6GB RAM variant is only available with 64GB of storage. While the 8GB RAM variant comes equipped with 128GB of storage. The smartphone also comes with a dual 16+20 MP setup on its back. While at the front of the smartphone a 16MP camera is present.


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