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OneNote Another Version For Devices Less than 10-inches


All of you guys know about the Microsoft Office. one of its items is OneNote. there are many version of OneNote like OneNote 2016 or OneNote 2010 or 2013. You can download them free from its website. But you never focused that there is some other version called OneNote. This Application is used for windows 10 PC, tablet or phone.

New Features

These are some features and updations which are very necessary with respect to user requirement.

  • Now you can get the good security with it. NoteOne has the ability to protect sections of it with the password. You can edit or change unlock setting also.
  • Saving files and photos can also be done by Microsoft OneNote with the help of the context menu.
  • By just dragging and dropping you can relocate items in the list of the Notebook in NoteONe.
  • Some of the options are added by which you can be twisted and handle paragraph.
  • You can make the fully functional table now in NoteONe. It has all the feature to build a nice table except  ‘Hide Borders’ and ‘Header Row’.
  • If you want to add new page somewhere in the middle of the page list. You can add it easily now by just highlighting that page. But before you can add only in last of the list.
  • Now there are a number of shapes in the gallery, You can insert shapes by going to the insert tab while holding Shift.
  • You can rename section group.
  • Bullet list gallery: Users can now choose from eight bullet styles instead of just the one provided in the past.

Devices under 10.1-inches like tablet or mini-tablet with windows 10 will support well.


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