Specialists have as of now said something regarding the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV’s execution and Tech Times has shared a few tips and traps so Shield TV proprietors can expand the spilling box’s potential. Presently we’re back to give perusers and Shield TV proprietors another arrangement of tips on the best way to better customize the gadget by exchanging and getting to your own media content through Kodi.

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So in what capacity would it be a good idea for one to approach step up their Nvidia Shield Android TV? The means are really basic however we exceedingly recommend that you have officially extended the gadget’s stockpiling in the event that you are utilizing the fundamental 16 GB gadget. On the off chance that you are as yet pondering which to pick and you’re hoping to play your own records the same amount of as gushing media, you might need to choose the Pro form with 500 GB storage limit.

Here’s how to install Kodi with Nvidia’s Android streaming device

Installation Of Kodi

Installing Kodi on Shield TV is pretty straightforward and only consists of three very easy steps.

  1. Open the Google Play Store application from your Nvidia Android Shield TV
  2. Search for “Kodi”
  3. Install Kodi

Presently you have Kodi introduced, yet hold up, there’s additional! Utilizing the Kodi application, Shield TV proprietors can either stream content over wi-fi by introducing additional items or exchange documents then get to the media spared in the inward stockpiling. We will demonstrate to you best practices to do the last mentioned.

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Step by step instructions to exchange records by means of Kodi

We specified before that the Shield TV can in any case be associated with your PC so that is as of now one approach to exchange documents. Be that as it may, to get rid of links altogether, Tech Times proposes introducing a document administrator by means of Kodi.

The EFS File Explorer File Manager is sufficiently simple to utilize and sufficiently intense to exchange your documents from your cloud record to the Shield TV interior stockpiling over wi-fi. One approach to make the experience bother free is to arrange your documents a similar way the Shield root framework does to its records.

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That is, by classifying content and putting them in their separate, suitably named envelopes, for example, “Pictures,” Music,” or “Recordings.” On the off chance that you do that, the main thing left to do once you exchanged the records is to set up Kodi.

The most effective method to set up Kodi to get to exchanged media content

This part is so straightforward on the off chance that you have legitimately ordered documents preceding exchange so we will expect that is precisely what you did.

  1. From your Shield TV, open Kodi and select which category you will set up (Music, Videos, Pictures)
  2. Select “Files” then select “Add [category]”
  3. A window will pop up. From this window, select “Browse” then choose “External Storage”
  4. Scroll and search for the folder you stored your files in and click “OK”
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You’re done. If you want to add more files, just repeat steps one to four.