Donald trump comes up with a new way to spend the money, well we have found for you the perfect thing to buy; Diamond encrusted iPhone 7, a gold encased with the president elected face on it.
*Like Seriously*
Yes its true, this is completely unnecessary and it is truly amazing that the item is basically being created and being sold by Goldgenie, a known store in the United Arab Emirate for about $151,000 to be more precise. Why? Well this is said to be an excellent question. A city near Dubai named as Sharjah where the store is held decided to sell the Trump iPhones when the customer personally decided to personally request the design last month.
Emirates 24/7 a news publication in Dubai explained that the golden device was embellished with over 450 VS1 with white diamonds with in the Apple logo and around the edges of the phone. The Goldgenie`s managing director as reported by the CNN Money, named as Frank Fernando described the ideal owners of the blinged-out mobile devices as, “high-net-worth individuals all over the world,very wealthy” who already have everything.

Fernando said that he trusts the group of the Chinese lady who asked for the president-elect’s elements be put on her telephone needs to offer it to Trump after his selection. Since offering its first Trump iPhone, Goldgenie has supposedly gotten nine extra requests for the announcement making gadgets.

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From the looks of the gold-doused Trump Tower, plainly Trump cherishes lavishness. This iPhone configuration suits him, and it could be yours at an extremely sensible cost

This purchase may seem a bit of extreme, jet black, rose gold, black and silver are suddenly not looking so much impressive are they?