17 12 Official Xbox One console sales numbers apparently coming from Microsoft France
Xbox 360 E and Xbox One at E3 2013

Microsoft for the last three years haven’t really spoke anything about their Xbox One console sales numbers. They were talking about the Xbox Live engagement numbers, everything related to Xbox Live (services, numbers of active players, numbers of subscriptions etc etc). Which to some degree is weird because they were very open about the console sales in during the Xbox 360 era but obviously Microsoft Xbox One wasn’t really selling as PS4 for the last three years.

Microsoft France has a program called Xbox House of fans. They released a very interesting information about the Xbox console sales. House of fans is controlled by Microsoft and established by Microsoft kind of program. It has nothing to do with some amateur people setting up a group of fans. Any information coming from them is sort of official.

17 11 Official Xbox One console sales numbers apparently coming from Microsoft France

Basically the whole thing is about the 15th anniversary of Xbox as a console. They went through the most successful console and the game sold. They start with original Xbox, the original Xbox sold roughly around 24.6 million consoles worldwide. The Halo 2 was the most successful on this platform. Then they went through Xbox 360 which was the most successful Xbox console ever. They sold roughly around 85.5 million console, the best selling game was Kinect Adventures which was 21.9 millions.

And then Xbox One 36.2 million console sold worldwide. These numbers aren’t impressive comparing PS4 sales numbers which is almost at 60 million worldwide. Also the best selling game on this console was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which is a third-party game.

Digital Foundry finally had a chance to test XB1X enhanced titles at Gamescom and they seem to be impressed

And lastly Xbox One X which is just on the horizon, we’ll see how it plays out. However, it seems that Xbox One X won’t make any difference in the sales numbers because it’s aimed at hardcore gamers also the price is not really the lowest. It’s pretty pricey, $500 is not really the most consumer friendly price but it’s totally worth it because Xbox One X is very powerful console.

  • Turniplord

    It was a fake number – someone had edited the wiki page and used that number. It basically listed number of consoles sold in the USA, U.K., Germany, France, Japan and Europe and they added them all together.

    They stupidity didn’t realise that the uk, Germany and France are in Europe! So they double counted 7m units.

    The only figure we have is from Jan when it was 29m. It’s probably gone up by about 1 or 2m since than, but not 7-8