Need to fiddle with your Android telephone? Odds are you would need to introduce ADB or fastboot to it first. For instance, when you attempt to streak a factory picture on your Android gadget, open bootloader or sideload OTA picture documents, it obliges you to have Android Device Bridge (ADB) installed. Before now, any individual who expected to get ADB needed to download the whole Android Studio improvement tools suite. Google is currently making it simpler for you to straightforwardly download ADB without grabbing the huge bundle of instruments that may be only trash to you.

While there were constantly outsider sites facilitating singular tools for simple downloads, the documents weren’t formally kept up to the latest. There are security concerns related when you download these documents from non-Google mediums, so Google attempting to present a much secure approach to download ADB and different utilities, is only uplifting news.

get android platform tools without installing entire android sdk.w1456 How to obtain Fastboot and ADB without having to install Android SDK

The people at AP spotted it first, here are the connections to download the platform tools, weighing at 3.5MB. This bundle incorporates adb, fastboot, and other utilities also.

The links listed directly above are facilitated by Google, so you will always be directed to the most recent versions of Android Studio tools. Snatch the file above for your OS, open it on your PC and you’re good to go.

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