It is very much clear now that the Snapchat‘ owner Snap Inc., iall set and all happy to select New York Stock Exchange as the venue for globally known messaging service’s Initial Public Offering (IPO). The news comes through a source that the private documents were filed by the company sometime during the last year. The Snapchat IPO is being eagerly awaited by almost everyone but why, what’s the significance of the event?

Snapchat NYSE Is The Venue For Snapchat IPO; $25 Billion IPO Details Awaited

The selection of the venue was a timely move by the parent company since they are preparing for the big step i.e. making their ‘earnings’ public during the current week. The Snapchat IPO, reports suggest is likely to be held in March.

Again, exactly what does or what one can make here, of all the excite and hype revolving around the already ‘five-year-old’ startup Snap? The best answer perhaps, is the company’s very own ability; to radically reinvent itself. 

Then there are other reasons for those closely watching this particular IPO such as the it’s sheer, huge size and, as sources claim; the offering could value Snapchat IPO from lucrative $20 billion to $25 billion.

The required prospectus documents submitted by Snap on the other hand are likely to unveil many of the secrets of the so called ‘incredibly non-communicative’ setup such as their business activities and the company itself.

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