Nvidia has once again bragged its AI capabilities stating that all the AI supercomputers out there are powered by Tensor Core GPUs. The emphasis was laid upon ‘ALL’ supercomputers while demonstrating the strength of Nvidia’s Tensor Core GPUs.

DGX Station Nvidia says all the supercomputers of the world are powered by Tensor Core GPUs

The Toppers

Speaking of those topping the charts, we do see NVIDIA acquiring spots with Tensor Core GPUs, with the two latest AI supercomputers securing the #1 and #3 spots of the world’s fastest supercomputers with Summit, and Sierra, respectively.

ABCI Supercomputer

Japan hosts the fastest supercomputer named as ABCI and interestingly, it is also powered by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs.

Nvidia stands by the statement that:

GPUs now power 5 out of 7 of the world’s fastest systems, and better yet NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs power 17 of the 20 most energy efficient systems on the GREEN500 list. Most of the GREEN500 systems are NVIDIA GPUs, just the nail the point home that NVIDIA dominates the supercomputer market.

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