While Nvidia is doing great in the field of next-gen graphics cards, the company recently decided to launch HDR G-Sync Big Format Gaming Displays or more commonly known as BFGD TVs but it seems like the decision has been delayed for a few months.

62938 08 nvidias new bfgd gaming tvs delayed until q1 2019 full Nvidia’s HDR G Sync Big Format Gaming Displays aren’t coming soon!

Big Format Gaming Displays

Releasing the BFGDs is a great idea itself but last week’s Gamescom event brought the news about its delay. As per the reports, BFGDs are reportedly now expected to drop in Q1 2019 which is still a few months away.


  • A 65-inch 4K 120Hz panel
  • A refresh rate of 60Hz
  • G-Sync module


Speaking of the pricing, there is no confirm verdict yet but we expect it to be around 4000-5000 EUR which makes it one of the most expensive screens of all-time.

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