Nvidia just announced their upcoming GPU, which is based on their Volta architecture, equipped with the GV100 GPU. Where the GPU will be offered in two flavors. That includes a 300W dual slot card and a 150W single slot card. In term of specs both the options will be offered with 5120 Volta CUDA cores and up to 16GB of HBM2 VRAM.

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The GV100 Volta GPU is bigger than the one used in the current Pascal cards from Nvidia. Where the new GV100 covers an area of 815mm² and is made with 12nm FinFET manufacturing process. The big size of the GPU allows it to carry over 21 billion transistors. Where at jus 1455MHz, the upcoming Volta GPU is able to achieve 15 TFLOPS and 7.5 TFLOPS of single and double precision computing respectively. Do note that the GV100 Volta does not come unlocked with all the CUDA cores available, like the GP100 Tesla. Where among 5376 CUDA cores, only 5120 CUDA cores will be made available to the GV100 Volta.

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The new Volta architecture from Nvidia performs significantly better than the current Pascal architecture. Where Volta is able to deliver 40% more performance per watt compared to Pascal. Aside from that the new Volta architecture also houses 7% more CUDA cores compared to Pascal.

The key architecture improvements over Pascal according to Nvidia includes:

  • New mixed-precision FP16/FP32 Tensor Cores purpose-built for deep learning matrix arithmetic;
  • Enhanced L1 data cache for higher performance and lower latency;
  • Streamlined instruction set for simpler decoding and reduced instruction latencies;
  • Higher clocks and higher power efficiency.
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So far the upcoming Volta GPU from Nvidia looks great. Where the cherry on top among other performance gains is the new 16GB HBM2 memory. Which would go a long way for supporting high end resolutions later on. Definitely something we need to play games at 8k.