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Nvidia Volta Based GPU’s Are Going To Be Released In Third Quarter Of 2017

Nvidia Volta

Volta, just so we are all clear there’s no ambiguity, it is a successor of pact of Pascal which in turn was the successor of Maxwell. So, in other words it will most likely be the 20 series. The early rumors were that the card will launch most likely next year. However, Nvidia end the pressure and this is probably because of Vega. We believe that Vega is going to be a faster than Pascal because it’s being released later than Pascal because that’s what makes sense.

Most people assumed that it’s going to be between 10 to 20% faster than an equivalently priced Vega GPU and NIVIDIA do not want that. They don’t want to choose their market share or for AMD to be on the top and unchallenged. So, the only way they can only do that is to release a new graphics card architecture.

The rumors start from MyDrivers.com, and according to them and their sources Nvidia will be launching the card this year in the third quarter. Just so we are clear, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all Pascal has been out for some time but one of the reasons that 200 series is being slightly behind is because their entire architecture is going to be changed.

Thanks to a leak, Nvidia will be doing a basic optimizations of the SM of the 200 series. But rumors tells us that it is not the entire redesign, theoretically the difference in the architecture is not as profound as from Maxwell to Pascal. So, assumingly there’s going to be some optimizations in there and there are going to be multiple classifications of GPU, “GV100” which is going to be for enterprise.

One of the differences between these GPU’s is the fact that we’ll see HBM2. The ambiguity with these GPU’s is we don’t know where HBM2 is going to reside. For example; is it only going to be in the high-end. e.g; the GV102 type of cards or is it going to be the GV104 as well. The big thing is the card is going to be coming out.


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