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NVIDIA Unveils Max-Q Design Gaming Laptop Which Isn’t Good Enough

Nvida Max Q Gaming Laptops

Unfortunately for those wondering what good news we are going to be hearing about Nvidia well, basically nothing when it comes to Volta. All we heard is a big fat silence but what they have given us is more information on Pascal because more Pascal stuff. Basically they have unveiled a Max-Q Design for their laptop, Geforce graphics cards.

Basically it means that they built and using an 18mm design and according to Nvidia themselves:

“Our Max-Q technology allows a GeForce GTX 1080 to be used in an ultraportable gaming notebook by reducing the GPU power consumption by half.

It finds the most efficient tradeoff of performance and power for the GPU. Our software balances work done on the CPU and GPU, optimizing the game settings and using advanced system design techniques for thermal management and power regulation.

We also introduced WhisperMode. The new, ultra-efficient mode makes your plugged-in laptop run much quieter while gaming. It works by intelligently pacing the game’s frame rate while simultaneously configuring the graphics settings for optimal power efficiency.”

it’s quite hilarious though, what they decide to do as well as show off the power of this particular device by comparing it to PlayStation 4 and according to Nvidia: “A GTX 1080 equipped Notebook will deliver around 60% more performance compared to PS4“. Of course, for those who are being rather diligent, you’re going to probably notice that PS4 is a little bit cheaper than GTX 1080 Notebook.

And the other thing which is funny too, they showed a graph on their website of relative performance on Destiny 2 and this is GTX 1080 with Max-Q Design which puts off around 1.7 times the relative performance.

Now if you are not paying close attention and you are just kinda reading like oh shit! Max-Q design has like 70% greater perform and then you just look above it and you realize that sort of GTX 1060.

What they should have showed the equivalent performance against a regular GTX 1080 a laptop derivative. Anyway that is what we think, what do you think about this laptop is it good enough for you? let us know in the comment section below.

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